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>>30479 >>30518 Contacting on all dear readers who may have presently bought "Honeymoon in Darjeeling : Element 1" from Shri Amarsroshta ! Be sure to put up your valued and in-depth overview In this particular forum making sure that other audience can know relating to this phenomenal story and come to be intrigued to obtain it from him ! In this manner, the creator could be inspired to consider up further more do the job and all of us can be privileged to receive extra this kind of incredible creations from his magic pen !

Salim did not similar to the style of breast milk originally, but, as he nursed on, he felt intoxicated. He ongoing sucking just like a new born babe. A heavenly bliss and pure enjoyment descended on Preetha; she little by little reclined to the couch and place her head within the backrest. Her confront was lit up by a heavenly smile …. a smile befitting a contended mom ! Preetha stored on caressing the boy’s head and back in an intimate motherly manner as he fed from her. ‘Oh God!’, she considered in her head, ‘I never could consider the pleasure of nursing a child….my womanhood attained fulfillment right now!’. She could feel that her breast milk filling up the mouth of this poor urchin, happening his throat into his abdomen, gratifying his hunger, ‘My God…..these types of gratification, a lot enjoyment, what bliss ! After some additional time, Salim detached his mouth from her nipple and reported ‘No more….I am whole Ma’am!’. Preetha smiled sweetly and playfully placing his cheek, remarked mockingly ‘There is yet another just one !

Hope to Obtain your perform accomplished full right away so that we can have kamasutra posters really soon .

>>28362 Hey there, many thanks for continuing the storyline listed here. As typical the story is astounding, enjoy the included touches much like the arm pit hairs and food stuff sharing, and also the superb narrating.

In a very peaceful manner Preetha ongoing this position, their bodies were in great harmony. Salim gazed with wonder as he could Obviously see his mother hairy pussy eating up his ram rod really hard penis and releasing it once more, coating it copiously along with her Woman sauce. Due to the fact he wasn't in an Lively situation Salim gave himself up absolutely to The gorgeous sensory stimulation. He settled in the half awake dream like condition taking pleasure in the precious experience his new mother gifted him, Hearing her soft moans and also the creaking with the bed under her fat. Salim was floating in an Just about drug induced ennui, he was taking a look at the ceiling, eyes 50 % closed, shallow breaths escaping his open mouth, his palms trailed on the smooth skin of Preetha’s large fleshy thighs, caressing them with just as much enjoy he could muster. ‘Do you think you're liking it toddler?’ Preetha requested involving gasps. ‘Indeed mommy, I sense so very good….so peaceful, but it surely feels greater when I can see your experience mommy. I like to see your confront after we make really like Mommy.’ Preetha understood this was the A great deal wanted closing stimulant to the boy to reach the epitome. He wanted to see her deal with, her expressions as she liked the act, over the penile pleasure it was additional crucial for him to determine her gratification, and which was the indicator of genuine really like. ‘Prop by yourself up to the pillows.’ She instructed. ‘You could see me, and now I'll do it a little bit quicker. Just convey to me if you are about to cum oaky?’ She stated. Salim obediently propped himself up about the pillows, now sitting reclined he experienced a transparent vision of Preetha, she was searching so stunning! Salim found that his crotch was glistening with her fluids. ‘Indeed Mommy Sure…this is so far better!’ He yelped and Preetha amplified the speed of her strokes ‘AAAH…ah…ah…yes child cum for Mommy…cum for Mommy make sure you!’ she inspired him, she threw up her arms supplying him a clear watch of her hairy pits, she has now identified the proper strings to tug.

Rupratul, Sure I do have designs of getting a few small tales of Preetha and Salim after HiD ends (it would consider Yet another six months for that).

>>29710 Amarsrasta Dada ei episode chele ta Preetha r pod chatche serokom dekhale aaro khushi hobo please.

Speedily Salim grabbed a sheet with the mattress as Preetha snagged him from behind both of those giggling uncontrollably. There was A fast sprightly wrestle as Salim wrestled along with her with no avail and she or he collected him up in her arms without the need of A great deal work. She straightway picked him up in her arms simply as he marveled at her power, her fleshy and durable forearms supporting his again and L of legs, powered by her thick yet femininely comfortable biceps. He rested his head on her shoulder and appeared up at her encounter which opened up in the wide beaming smile for him. Salim was continue to Keeping on towards the sheet with 1 hand though with the opposite he Carefully stroked Preetha’s cheeks seeking into her eyes soulfully. Just how the facet of his torso pressed on the softness of her breasts and belly, just how he could come to feel her coronary heart beat reverberating in his system, the assuring energy of her palms holding him and the power of her broad shoulders was so awe inspiring for him. Nevertheless he was skinny Salim conveniently weighed close to 40-45 kilos, he was not a baby but she was carrying him with the ease of a whole new born toddler. He rested his head within the nook of her shoulder relinquishing to her strength, snaked his arm all-around her neck, sighed and closed his eyes, rubbing his cheek bit by bit and Carefully on her shoulder with comfort and ease and satisfaction. Salim appeared so adorable, helpless and cuddly that Preetha stood there before the balcony savoring him reclined in her arms like a child. All he required was her love and protection which glad the bereaved mother in her. She relished his want, his dependency on her, treasured him just like a uncommon orchid she observed developing without any care on the aspect with the road which she picked up and would nurture in her own garden. Resulting from her size and athletic background Preetha was a considerably sturdy girl, much better than any woman and most Males, but her adore built her even more robust as she carried him easily and extended this wonderful moment of absolute submission in the boy to her toughness.

Navratri Competition has currently commenced in India ! So, pre-Saradiya Shuvechchha to Amarsroshta Sir ! I am avidly adhering to and experiencing the deeply engrossing, fascinating and salacious erotic account "Motherhood" becoming penned down by you, Sir -- perhaps the best story in the whole /ss/ thread ! Indeed ..... I also agree that physical comparison in between the mighty Preetha and minimal Salim can be highly erotic, as advised by my good friends right here !

Tantalising ! Mesmerising ! Wonderful ! This Tale can only be described by these three adjectives ! I'm able to humbly say this Tale has included a whole new genre in the realm of "straight shotacon" and need to be rated to be a milestone Tale ! Guy, what gripping Tale line and what a fantastic kind of narration and fascinating dialogue ! The interaction of subtle thoughts within the minds of Preetha and Salim is portrayed splendidly ! Preetha currently being the larger, more healthy, A lot stronger and statuesque lover, her natural psyche of dominating Salim During this connection has also been brought out incredibly masterfully ! And yes, I do concur with Nameless (ID : c085fb) that It will be thrilling to discover Salim use Preetha’s broad hairy armpits for kissing, sucking and fucking as he step by step commences enjoying hot sex with this particular stalwart girl !

Here's a single query does salim was fully adapted by preetha....or he was leaving on the tea stall...equally as in the motherhood...

Fantasy is best when it really is advised essentially the most realistic way probable, and realism is my mantra. visit this page Every single convert of incident, emotions, feelings I've tried to depict as serious as you possibly can, but however I didn't have any such working experience in my lifetime, but who understands possibly, just perhaps there's the same pair somewhere in Kolkata.

>>30729 he posted already dont pressure him to write-up any Other people or else the curiosity may have no value

>>30479 >>30518 The very initial thing which struck me as I clicked to open the comic immediately after purchasing it from Shri Amarsroshta is its artwork and colouring …. They're just brilliant … truly like magnificent oil paintings … grand, majestic, unique ! The heroin, Preetha, is really searching resplendent In this particular comic. She so majestically crafted … big, tall, radiantly wholesome, so well-constructed, so powerful and self-assured … she looks able to managing Salim like a frail very little toy and he or she is undertaking just that ... Evidently demonstrating who's superior During this relationship, who's in command, who's the boss. Staying so much healthier and also the potent lover, she could swallow him just like a fly throughout coitus, however she's cautious about not breaking him … within the accurate mould of a mother ! She is also an epitome of classical Indian magnificence – majestic, radiant, resplendent, by using a profusion of lengthy, thick, jet black curly hair (and that is a single my great convert-ons, by the way!) – In addition, she is tall, supremely healthful, sturdy, strong, vivacious and radiant with pure lifestyle-drive ! If any individual wishes to have a peek at a super-unique specimen of the majestic Indian Woman, this Tale is a must-study ! On the flip side, the doe-eyed, docile, fragile, little Salim is adorable and loveable … the kind of boy whom you ought to endear and cuddle at the very first sight ! The comic, in my humble viewpoint, is actually a typical specimen of attribute straight shotacon where by the writer has paired an excellent-attractive amazon, a strong big female by using a docile, submissive, minimal teen ! Preetha is a great deal of much better than frail tiny Salim that, throughout coitus, she basically rapes him while in the throes of her enthusiasm ! The super-unique powerful damsel locks tiny Salim helplessly inside of a dominating, forceful amazon sex situation and afterwards powers herself on ! The climaxing scene of their union demonstrates Preetha literally Driving Salim like a feminine bronco doubling up Salim’s frail wimpy overall body under the pressure of her highly effective fingers … her arms on the lookout Practically as thick as younger Salim’s skinny thighs !

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